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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will be spending or have spent hours upon hours preparing for your day to be perfect. The photographer you choose to be part of your perfect day, should be the one that best fits your style and that doesn't leave you stressing on your budget. We hope we can be that photographer for you. We understand how important choosing the right photographer is. We highly suggest that before you sign with any one photographer, that you meet with them. You will want to look at there past work and discuss any options in the package that may have hidden cost.

Our Wedding Package

We have used our experience of covering weddings (since 2004) to design our one wedding package. We have designed it to best suit the needs of the client that is the best fit for what we have to offer. We do not like being lored into a situation with a low starting at price, only to find out that when you choose options to fit your style, you end up adding a lot more to the cost. This is why we only have one package for one price. There are only three things with Snyder Photography that MAY add any additional costs to your wedding package. First would be any possible travel fees for weddings that are outside of the Blair County area. Second would be any time you would desire us to be there past 8 hours. And finally any additional prints or other materials that you wish to purchase from Snyder Photography, other than your high res digital files with print rights. If after you read the information below, you feel there may be any other hidden charges, please let us know. We would love to remedy that right away. To see if we are available for your perfect day and to schedule a consultation, please contact us and we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Snyder Photography Wedding Package
- Up to 8 Hours Of Coverage, Candids and Formals
- Bride Getting Ready, Ceremony, Formals, Reception
- No limit to the number of photos (Average is 200-600)
- High Resolution Digital Files on a Professionally Printed DVD in a Professionally Printed Canvas DVD Case (Extras $100/each)
- Print Rights Allowing You to Print Your Photos However You Want, From Where Ever You Want
- All Photos Professionally Color & Brightness Corrected On Fully Calibrated Displays
- All Formal Photos Also Professionally Edited To Make Sure You Look As Beautiful As Possible In Your Photos
- A Single Professional Experienced Photographer, Who Handles The Entire Photo Process (Capturing, Correcting, Editing, DVD/Case Design)
- A Single Assistant to Allow The Photographer to 100% Focus On His Job, Along With Helping You With Anything Possible
- 4-6 Week Processing Time

$1175 ($1108.49 Plus Tax)
$375 down payment needed to book the date. Remaining $800 due no later than one week before the wedding.

ADDED BONUS! Get 50% off a $100, 1 hour engagement session with a wedding down payment.

First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes SP with an
EXTRA ADDED BONUS! Jeremy LOVES the beauty of the female form during pregnancy so much, that he will throw in a future one time $100, 1 hour maternity shoot free of charge!

EXTRA EXTRA ADDED BONUS! After spending the wedding day with a client, we feel you are part of the SP family. Since we now include you in our family, you will forever get a family discount of 10% off all prints and services for any portraits of any member of your household (living in your house at the time photos are taken).

Click here to view &/or print our wedding contract.